Happy Holi Whatsapp Status, Holi Attitude Quotes

Holi is a Hindu celebration celebrated all through numerous parts of South Asia. It’s otherwise called the celebration of hues’ and connotes the triumph of good finished insidiousness, the landing of spring and the finish of winter. A few people additionally take it as a day to repair broken kinships or offer gratitude for a good collect. Holi normally goes on for one night and a day, beginning when there’s a full moon in the Hindu calendar month of Phalguna. In our Gregorian schedule, this tends to fall between the center of February and the finish of March. Customary arrangements more often are made the prior night, with petitions, a campfire, and religious ceremonies. The following morning is the point at which the genuine fun begins, with individuals getting a charge out of Rang wali Holi by having water battles and tossing powdered colours onto each other.

Happy Holi Whatsapp Status & Holi Attitude Quotes

Holi Status

Happy Holi Status in Hindi | 2 Line Holi Shayari


Holi Attitude Status in Hindi


  • इश्क की होलिया खेलनी छोड़ दी है हमने,
    वरना हर चेहरे पे रंग सिर्फ हमारा होता.


  • सुना हैं होली आ रही हैं, गोपियों हमसे जरा संभल के रहना,
    क्युकी हम गालों पे रंग लगाकर दिल का रंग चुरा लेते हैं


  • होली में वो लड़किया भी अपने अंदर की होलिका जलाले,
    जो दशहरा में
    लड़को से अपने अंदर का रावण जलाने को कह रही थी !


  • होली में मत आना मेरी हवेली पे
    वरना रंग लगा दूंगा चोली पे..


  • रंग से रंग लगाकर तो होली बच्चे मनाते हे.
    हम‌ तो कान्हा हे इश्क से इश्क का रंग चढाकर गोपीया पटायेंगे


Holi Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Miss You Holi Status for Love

Miss You Holi Status for Love for BF, GF


  • जमाने के लिए आज होली है,
    मुझे तो तेरी यादे रोज रंग देती है…!!


  • पिचकारी की धार, गुलाल की बौछार,
    अपनों का प्यार, यही है यारों होली का त्यौहार.


  • दिल ने एक बार ओर हमारा कहना माना है..
    इस होली पर फिर हमें उन्हें रंगने जाना है


  • तू भेज रंग अपनी मोहब्बत के वंहा से,
    हम भीगेंगे उन रंगो की बरसात में यंहा से।


  • लाल हो या पीला, हरा हो या नीला, सुखा हो या गिला,
    एक बार रंग लग जाये तो हो जाये रंगीला…


  • होली.. होली होती है दीवाली मत समझना,
    हम तुम्हारे घर आये तो हमे मवाली मत समझना
    Happy Holi


  • काश हमारी बेरंग ज़िन्दगी में भी रंगो की बहार होती


  • काश होली के रंगो से ज्यादा ज़िन्दगी रंगीन होती


  • रंगो की फुवार हैं, गीत की बहार हैं
    बनता जो प्यार हैं, होली का त्यौहार हैं


  • पुरानी होली का थोड़ा सा गुलाल रखा है
    तुम्हारा इश्क़ मैंने यूँ संभाल रखा है.


  • रंग देगे तुझे, अपनी मोहब्बत के रंग में होली पर.
    ये जो इश्क़ का महीना बीत गया तो क्या हुआ.


  • सुनो ये मेरा दिल है कोई रंग से
    भरी पिचकारी नहीं जो सब की ज़िन्दगी रंगीन बना दूँ


  • खेलना होली प्यार की, सारा दिन हमारे साथ
    कर देना सतरंगी, फिर रंगो की बरसात
    होली के बहाने बस यही जताना हैं,
    मोहब्बत के रंग से, आपको रंगने आना है
    हैप्पी होली माय लव



One Liner Happy Holi Status in English


1) May your world be a garden of vibrant color.

2) Might the soul of Holi abandon you soaked with bliss.

3) Holi is the time to develop understanding and love each other.

4) Let the colors of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness.

5) Longing you a fun Holi and a Spring time sprouting with Happiness.

6) Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of Holi.

7) Happy Holi! Spread the love on the festival of colours.

8) May the drumbeats and colours bring out the best in you. Happy Holi!

9) Forget all your pains and worries, get drenched in colors of this festival. Happy Holi!

10) Holi isn’t a day’s celebration, it’s a season full of love , emotion and color. Happy Holi!

11) Let’s make a bonfire of our pride, negativity, and envy this Holi and bring in a fresh start. Happy Holi!

12) Every day needs to be colourful, but seldom it is. So, stock yourself for a whole year! Happy Holi!

13) Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors!

14) Dip yourself in the happiness and colors of Holi and emerge as a legend. Happy Holi!

15) Make each day of your life a festival. Fill beautiful colours in it and live it to the fullest.


SeeHoli Quotes 2023

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Colorful Happy Holi Sms Messages 2023 Wishes Shayari

Holi is very near and is on 06th March 2023 and 07th March 2023. Preparation had already started for Holi as there are not many days left.  Before the day of Holi people plan about their Holi celebration. Some people celebrate Holi by throwing colors, water balloons and by using pichkaris while some other celebrate this day over a long drive. Some people especially the women decorate their homes with beautiful designs and alpanas with Holi colors. The day of Holi festival ends with a great lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Holi is celebrated as Dol Purnima in some parts of India in the commemoration of love for Radha by lord Krishna. You can wish with Holi Shayari & Quotes to the people who are living at a distant place. You can easily find Holi Shayari in Hindi, English, and various languages. You can also copy them and paste them as your status update.

Indian Festival of Colors | Happy Holi 2023 Wishes & Messages

happy holi 2017

1) Happy Holi Sms in Hindi for Friend


Ye jo rango ka tyohar hai
Es din na hue lal pile
To zindagi bekar hain.
Rang lagana to itna pakka lgana
Jitna pakka tu mera yaar hai..!!

Happy Holi Friends


2) Lovely Happy Holi Wishes for Family


Auspicious red.
Sun kissed gold.
Soothing silver.
Pretty purple.
Blissful blue.
Forever green.
I wish you and all family members
The most colorful Holi.

Wish You Happy Holi


3) Happy Holi Wishes in Hindi


Basant ritu ki bahar
Chali picthkari uda hain gulaal
Rang barse hain neele hare laal
Badhyi ho appko holi ka tyohar.

Happy Holi 2023


4) Cute Happy Holi Sms in English


Celebrating the colors
Of our beautiful relationship,
I wish you and your family
All the bright hues of life.

Have a Colorful Holi !


5) Beautiful Happy Holi Shayari in Hindi


Khuda kare har saal chand ban k aye,
Din ka ujala aapki shaan ban ke aaye,
Gulaal ki mehak mehkaye har rishta,
Holi ka har rang de apko itni khushiya.

Happy Holi 2023


6) Happy Holi Messages in English


Moments of Holi are to be celebrated together
So that the memories can be relished later
These are the memories I wish to live with forever
Have a wonderful and colorful happy holi forever.

Wishing You Happy Holi


7) Happy Holi Special Sms Msg Quotes


Aise manana holi ka tyohar
Pichkari se barse sirf pyar.
Ye hai mauka apno se gale mitane ka
To gulal or rang lekar ho jao taiyar 🙂

Happy Holi 2023


8) Happy Holi Festival Messages in English 


A colorful message,
To a colorful person,
For colorful day,
In a colorful way, as a pray,
That the colorful ray, may forever stay

Happy Holi


9) Happy Holi Wishes in English 


Radha ke rang aur kanhaiyya ki pichkari,
Pyaar ke rang se rang do duniya saari,
Yeh rang na jaane koyi majhab na boli,
Mubarak ho aapko khushiyo bhari holi

Happy Holi to all of you


10) Holi Festival Quotes in English 


May god gift you all
The colors of life,
Colors of joy,
Colors of happiness,
Colors of friendship,
Colors of love and
All other colors you want
To paint in your life.


11) Colorful Holi Wishes in Hindi 


Pichkari ki dhar ho aap pe,
Rangoon bochhar go aap pe,
Khush rahe aap aur aap ka parivar,
Mubarak ho aap ko holi ka tehwar,
Wishing you a very very

Happy Holi to you & your family.


12) Holi Festival Wishes in English 


Bright Colors, Water Balloons,
Lovish Gujiyas and Melodious Songs,
Are The Ingredients of Perfect Holi.
Wishing You a Very Happy Holi.



13) Happy Holi Wishes in Hindi for Friends


Gulaal ka rang, gubaaro ki maar,
Suraj kee kirne, khushiyo kee bahaar,,
Chand kee chandni, apno ka pyaar,,
Mubaarak ho aapko rango ka tyohaar
Mubarak ho Happy holi mere yaar


14)  Happy Holi Wishes in Hindi 


Holi ka ye hai pawan tyohar
Jivan me laye khushiyan apar,
Sukh ke rango ki ho bauchar
Dhan-samridhi aye aapke dwar,
Subhkamna humari kare swikar.

Happy Holi


15) Happy Holi Messages in English 

H for honesty
O for opportunity
L for love
I for integrity
I wish you all these four
Along with lots of fun
This festival of Holi
Have a Happy Holi.

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