Food Status in English for Whatsapp about Food Lover

Food can be essentially be characterized as any palatable substance that is nutritious which human or creatures drink or eat in like manner that plants ingest with the end goal for them to keep up the good life and a solid growth. Food is one of the fundamental needs of all humanity. Taking foods encourages our body to work well and grow. In spite of the fact that food is good for the body, however, the sort of food that we eat can modify the capacity such foods. The sort of food we eat can modify the body fix process of food so it will good to observe the sort of food we eat. Also, the right food can keep your body fit and healthy for the long duration of time. It is amazing that with few variations there can be a new food dish generated out and that too with great taste. In this article you will find short Food Status for food lover in English, Food Quotes and Sayings for whatsapp, One liner food status for Instagram captions or you can use these eating slogans for any foodie guy and girls.

Food Status in English for Whatsapp for Food Lover

Food Lover Status

Food Lover Status for Whatsapp about Food Lovers


I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.


Television + food, it just goes together.


Is there gonna be food?” “Yeah”” OK then I’m coming.


If there is no chocolate in heaven. I AM NOT GOING


True beauty is within” for example opening your fridge.


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I just stepped on a cornflakes. Now, I am officially a serial killer.


My hobbies include eating and complaining that I’m getting fat.


My dinner stomach is full, but my dessert stomach still has room.



One Liner Food Quotes and Foodie Sayings

Food Status in English

I Love Food Status in English, Funny Food Quotes and Sayings


Dear Pringles, I cannot fit my hand inside your tube of deliciousness.


Hell hath no fury like me when I’m slightly inconvenienced and hungry.


My diabetic friend died in his sleep. I forgot to wish him “sweet dreams.


Food is my favorite. If I ever share it with you, then you’re pretty damn special.


I will stop eating ice cream out of the container once I make it completely level.


When I hear myself eating crunchy food, I wonder if other people can hear it too.


Isn’t it weird that after 30,000 years of eating bread, everyone is gluten allergic now?


Mom, can we go to McDonald’s?” “there’s food in the fridge.” “That’s not what I asked.


Really doesn’t get why people like brunch. What’s the benefit of combining break-dancing and lunch?


All I want in life is to lose weight and gain money yet instead, here I am, gaining weight and losing money.


There was a piece of chocolate cake in the fridge and a note, “Don’t eat me.” Now there’s an empty plate and a note, Don’t tell me what to do.


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