Sad Love Rain Quotes

The Rain is very beautiful and pleasant for every one. Sometimes we feel alone and this rain reminds us of our partners. Some people are very lucky who have their partners with them and some are those who have only the memories of their partner, We all have our first memory of barish, like our memories of first love, Sad Memories with girlfriend, or boyfriend. Sad Memories of Love.

Though we don’t only have good memories of barish . Memories where we think of our sad breakups and loved ones who are no longer with us. So If you want to express your painful memories, then in this post we have some Sad Love Rain Quotes for you through which you can express your pain.


Sad Love Rain Quotes

Sad Love Rain Quotes


I hide my sadness behind a smile, and use an umbrella in the rain. I hide my trust behind a lie, and tarnish silver with a stain.- Alex V.


I cry at the rains, so nobody will notice my tears. – Caroline


I’m still silent to respect the rain who made me remember you to prove that I’m still loving you as the greatness of the rain. – Sarah


Absence makes the heart grow fonder and tears are only rain to make love grow. — Ray Charles


I give her sadness and the gift of pain, a new moon madness and a love of rain. — Dorothy Parker


A feeling of sadness and longing that is not akin to pain, and resembles sorrow only as the mist resembles the rain. — Henry Wadsworth


You can hide beneath the covers and study your pain, make crosses from your lovers, throw roses in the rain. Waste your summer praying in vain, for a savior to rise from these streets. — Bruce Springsteen


Let there be sunshine, let there be rain, let the broken hearted love again. — Bruce Springsteen


I love walking in the rain because no one can see me crying – Author: Rowan Atkinson


Let the rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday.


Usually when it rains, new emotions and new feelings arise in people’s minds. Rain is romantic to most people.


Sad people love the rain because they are no longer crying along.


The rain reminds me how lonely my soul is as it put me peacefully to seep. – Katelyn Gomez


The rain falling reminds me of you, because it’s falling hard and I am too for you.


I like rainy day, it reminds me that sometimes the world has sad days too.


On rainy Days I miss you the most with sadness.



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