Happy Guru Hargobind Singh Jayanti

Celebrating The Birthday Of 6th Sikh Guru on, June 19th 2022. Guru Hargobind Ji’s birthday, also known as Guru Hargobind Jayanti.
His birthday is celebrated by the Sikhs in the region of Jammu and Kashmir. Guru Hargobind Ji’s Birthday, also known as Parkash Guru Hargobind, is a regional public holiday in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Guru Hargobind Ji is honored as the 6th Nanak in the Sikh religion.


How & why Guru Hargobind Ji’s Birthday is celebrated?

he Sikhs celebrate the release of the Guru as they Light the Golden Temple and this legacy continues till this day. As the event of Diwali is the festival of lightning. Thousands of Sikhs go to the Gurdwara on this day and attend the Kirtan and Langer with religious fervor and enthusiasm. Special arrangements are made on this day.

Different Sikhs perform different rituals on this very day. The celebrations start very early in the morning. Different Sikhs sing various Hymns on this particular day. In the morning the Gurudwaras observe the celebration on this day by the processions which are followed by the singing of the Hymns — Katha and Kirtan in respect and praise of the Gurus. The celebrations are colourful in many areas as the Sikhs celebrate it with great zeal.

volunteers works in the Gurudwaras arrange a community lunch (the Langar) inside the Gurudwaras. This lunch evokes the spirit of the event even more irrespective of the caste, creed, and colour. This is because food should be served with the seva and bhakti. The Sikhs believe that the celebration of the 10 Guru Nanak is necessary as they were responsible for teaching and shaping the beliefs of the Sikh.


On his birth anniversary, here are some of the facts about the sixth Sikh Guru:

Guru Hargobind Singh was born on June 19, 1595 to Guru Arjan Dev and Mata Ganga. He became a guru at just 11 years old after the execution of his father by Mughal emperor Jahangir.

He was an expert swordsperson, horse rider and wrestler as he had been imparted training in military warfare and martial arts.

He is the one who started the military tradition in Sikhism to fight with the Mughals.

Guru Hargobind is credited with developing a strong army that brought him in direct conflict with the Mughals.

He built a fort near Amritsar and named it Lohgarh.


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Happy Guru Hargobind Singh Jayanti


May Guru Gobind Singh Ji blesses you and your family with joy, peace and happiness for eternity; may he inspire us to be a better human being. Happy Gurprab!


May Guru Gobind Singh Ji inspire you to achieve all your goals and may his blessings be with you in whatever you do. Hearty wishes of Gurparb to you!


May Guru Gobind Singh Ji give you the courage and strength to fight the evil and always stand by the side of truth. Wishing you a very happy Gurprab!


May the name of Waheguru be enshrined in your heart. May Guru Ji’s divine love and blessings be with you always. Happy Gurpurab


May Guru Gobind Singh Ji keep shower his blessings on you and family. Wishing you all a very happy Gurupurab!


May Wahe Guru fulfil all your dreams and blesses you! Happy Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti!


Waheguru Ji Da Khalsa.. Waheguru Ji Di Fateh……. A Happy Guru Gobind Singh Birthday..!!


Heartiest wishes to you and your family on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purab!


“Warm wishes on Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti to everyone. Let us follow his teachings to have a successful and peaceful life.”


The greatest comforts and everlasting peace are obtained, when selfishness is eradicated from within. Happy Gurpurab.


Have goal and work towards its completion and success. Do not let any hardship, no adversity impact your goal. Happy Gurpurab.


May The Name of WaheGuru, be In Your Heart. May Guruji’s divine love and blessings be with you always. Happy Gurpurab.


May happiness and blessings be in your life as we join together to remember the beloved guru Gobind singh ji. Happy Gurpurab.


May Waheguru bless you with wisdom and peace. Let’s celebrate his birthday and remember all the great deeds he has done.


Wish you all a happy and spiritually fulfilling life. May Guruji bless you with his divine blessings.


Praise of the Waheguru is the raft with the help of which you can cross the worldly ocean.


You can face the challenges of life by following the path laid down by Waheguru. May his blessings be always be showered on you.


No one can take away the right of doing good to the masses from you…. If you are strong willed then fight till the end for what is right….. Best wishes on Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti.


Guru Gobind Singh ji always inspired to be better, stronger and more responsible people of the society to create a better world….. Wishing you a very warm Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti.


Wishing everyone a very Happy Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti. This auspicious day reminds us how lucky we have been to have him in our lives as our teacher.”


“Till the time we have a teacher like Guru Gobind Singh, we can never deviate from our path. Let us thank him and seek his blessings for a purposeful life.”


May the name of Waheguru warm your heart. May Guru Ji’s divine love and blessings be with you always. Happy Gurpurab!


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